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We want to put together your dream vacation! For us to better assist you, please submit the form below so we can get started. 
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Research & Planning Fees by Category

Why do we have a fee? Vacation planning involves much time. Our work is based on years of personal experience, professional expertise and partnerships developed in this industry. On average, we spend 25 hours working on a reservation from the first consultation, through making the arrangements and the time you get back. We research cruises, hotels and tours to meet your specific needs and desires. Every detail is handled by contacting suppliers, coordinating transportation, excursions and drafting an itinerary that is carefully tailored with you and your family or friends in mind. Your final itinerary and documents will give you as smooth a vacation as is possible.

To make sure that our clients receive the utmost service and care, we ask for a commitment from you to be prepared to book if you are requesting quotes and services from us. Our client registration form (to the left) is required to begin a working relationship with a Thunderbird Travel Advisor. If you can advise the best time to call you or if you prefer to work via email, that would be most helpful. The fees listed below are required after the initial phone consultation and prior to any work being done.

Airline tickets only – 10% mark-up (not applicable to air bundled within a package deal)

Sadly, we make 0% commission on airline tickets. We do the research to find the itinerary and price that suits your needs, process the ticket and send you the e-receipt via email. We also handle any changes you need to make. Any fees associated with the change of the ticket along with any difference in fares is an additional expense.

Cruises - $50

Escorted Tours (with companies like Collette, Globus or CIE Tours) - $ 40

Standard Vacation Package within USA (mainland) - $30

Standard Vacation Package outside of continental US (includes Hawaii) - $50

Groups (defined as 3 or more rooms / cabins) - $100

Wedding Group (defined as 5 or more rooms / cabins) - $200

In Person Consultation Meeting (In Marion-1 Hour) - $30

Reservation Cancellation $30

The fees listed above are non-refundable and are required after the initial free phone consultation, prior to any research being done, and will be charged to your credit card. The fee includes additional phone consultation followed by research of multiple cruise, hotel, and tour companies for availability and pricing based on the travel request details you provide to us. You will receive an email with 2 or 3 options with an itinerary. 

Additional fees will be charged if your travel plans change dramatically during the consultation process.

The above form is intended for travel requests only. As a protection against fraud, please do not include any confidential information about a credit card account.

  • Filling out this form is NOT a commitment to book a trip.
  • Do not enter any payment or credit card information into any of these fields.
  • Prices, dates, and promotions listed in this program are subject to change and may be unavailable when you book.
  • This form is not intended for persons within the European Economic Area or United Kingdom. If you are within one of these regions, please contact us directly for assistance.