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 Thunderbird Travel 

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Thunderbird Honeymoon Hotspots!

These destinations are not necessarily being ranked from 1-10. They are simply our top picks for honeymoon/weddingmoon destinations. Aside from flying there and staying, you might also consider a cruise to these destinations. Imagine being able to visit several cities while taking your hotel with you.

Great packages to Hawaii!!With dramatic coastlines, volcanoes, green forests, refreshing waterfalls, the native Hawaiian culture, tropical breezes, white sand beaches, spectacular resorts and water sports; Hawaii is a magical place. It is perfect for a quiet getaway or an adventurous trek to waterfalls and volcanoes or a beautiful wedding on the beach. Just imagine showing your friends the pictures of that wedding or better yet - share the experience with them.

 The variety found in Mexico is unparalelled. You can bask in the sun at posh resorts along the Baja Value added trips to Mexico!coast, the Mayan Riviera, or the Nuevo Nayarit area further down the Pacific Coast. For a taste of the ancient Mayans, visit the valley of Oaxaca or the famous Chi-chen Itza in the Yucatan. Ride the train through the majestic Copper Canyon. Or, for a taste of Europe in all its splendor, go inland towards Mexico City. It is also a great value for your money with the great deals offered by many all-inclusives to help you stay within a budget. Some resorts even offer free weddings. If shopping is your thing - this is the place to be. You'll have tales to tell and treasures to show off when you get back.

Deals to St. Lucia and the Caribbean! This island has a mix of French and British heritage but with a hint of the South Pacific as well. A nature-lovers paradise, St. Lucia remains relatively unspoiled with green-mantled mountains, valleys, banana plantations, a bubbling volcano, wild orchids and fishing villages. It offers newlywed's and vacationers alike great snorkeling in clear, blue warm waters. Perfect relaxation, sipping on a cool tropical drink in your hammock while listening to the waves wash up on the shore. If your budget can't make it to Hawaii, this is the closest thing in our hemisphere.

 You don't have to leave the country to have a wonderful honeymoon or weddingmoon. There are many Try your luck in Las Vegas!options within the U.S. to consider as well. One of our favorites is quaint little Eureka Springs in Arkansas. If you enjoy walking along cobble stone streets, taking a carriage ride, experiencing a variety of architectural buildings or are looking for nature's finest - this is it. Every state has something to offer. From a nature lover with the great variety of natural wonders in our national parks, to an architectural enthusiast with every imaginable genre represented across the country, to a gambler and the beach bum. Give us a call - we'll help you find your idea of paradise.

 If you are avid adventure seakers, then no destination could be more perfect than Costa Rica. It See beauty of Costa Rica!remains a place rich in natural wonders and biodiversity. Consistently one of the hottest vacation destinations in Latin America, it boasts a wealth of unsullied beaches that stretch for miles, small lodgings that haven't attracted hordes of tourists (some right at the edge of volcanoes), and jungle rivers for rafting and kayaking for all levels of experience. There are spectacular cloud and rainforests with ample opportunities for bird-watching and hiking or ziplining across the jungle canopies. There are still the handful of luxury resorts, all-inclusives and golf courses that can keep you very comfortable.

 Aside from its palm-draped, white powder beaches, blue lagoons or rugged mountains, Fiji's best Spend time at sea in the South Pacific!feature is the enormous friendliness of the Fijian people. You can scuba dive to exhaustion over some of the world's most beautiful reefs or just laze on the beach with a trashy novel. Even out there, you can be left alone with your lover on a tiny islet or share a 300-room hotel with package tourists. There is a lot to this collection of 300+ islands. You might even consider a longer stay and include Tahiti and Bora Bora.

 In the Cayman Islands, you can hike through an untouched woodland, pay a visit to colorful reefs Under the sea in the Cayman Islands! and fish or plunk yourselves down on the white sands of Seven Mile Beach with a frosted drink in hand. Snorkeling or scuba-diving is a must because of the clarity of the water and the variety of marine life and dive sites. If scuba diving is not your thing, dive into the deep with Atlantis on a submarine. Stingray City gives you the opportunity to pet the stingrays - a phenomenon unique to the Cayman Islands. You can rent a little, isolated West Indian cottage or stay in a luxurious resort.

Sail the canals of Venice! If you have a little more time, Italy is one of our top picks for a European honeymoon location. No wonder, it's the land of Amore! We have itineraries ranging from 1 to 2 weeks. They can take you from the Northern Alps (the great Tuscan city of Siena) and the lake country to Rome, Florence and Venice. From the aura of the Middle Ages to the wonders of sailing along the Grand Canal and such attractions as the Basilica di San Marco, the Colosseum and the Vatican, Italy offers you a romantic adventure through history.

Honeymoons & Weddingmoons



We believe that your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a place close to home, an exotic Caribbean island getaway, a European adventure or a trek through Asia or the South Pacific – our experienced, professional travel agents can help you from the beginning of planning the whole trip, while you’re on your trip should you experience any issues and then end it with a warm welcome home.

If you’re inclined to do a weddingmoon (get married and honeymoon in the same location), it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime magical journey. We research for you the best value for your trip, handle any other travelers that may be going with you, we can help arrange the wedding ceremony and/or put you in contact with a wedding coordinator. Many resorts offer free weddings if you book a certain category of room or if you bring a group of people along.  

Most of us place high expectations on our weddingmoon or honeymoon. We suggest that you begin planning for this magical event as early as possible. Take some quality time ask yourself these questions before calling us to begin the process:

  1. What is your priority? Is it the destination, the budget, the wedding space or that you can walk out your bedroom door right on to the beach?
  2. What are the things you love to do together and how do you want to spend you time while you are there? Do you want adventure or to relax and rejuvenate or a little of both?
  3. Do you want to be in a secluded hideaway? Would you prefer to be around other honeymooners?
  4. Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort staying in one destination or take a cruise with stops in multiple locations? 

Your choices are limitless . . . a magical trip to Disney World with a carriage ride to your special event, an all-inclusive, adults only resort in the Caribbean with sandy beaches to play on or a stay in a romantic villa near Rome? Here are some additional items for your consideration:

  • Early booking means discounts (book 6 months to a year prior)
  • Honeymoon Promotions and freebies
  • Some resorts have free weddings for a minimum stay
  • Time of the year - could help get you a better rate
  • Room type (i.e. gardenview vs. oceanview)
  • Required travel documentation (such as passports for international travel)
  • Latest travel alerts and health advisories
  • Travel protection insurance (this also protects your investment in this trip)
  • Government Fees, Air and Hotel Taxes, and Departure Taxes
  • Airline travel, car rental, other transportation
  • All-Inclusive (includes all meals/drinks) vs. European Plan (no meals)


If you would like to give your wedding guests a gifting alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders, we offer you the convenience of a honeymoon registry service. Your wedding guests can call or come in and pay by check, cash or credit card and help pay for your honeymoon or buy you experiences like offshore excursions, tours, sport activities or amenities like beauty and spa services. If you would like more information or help setting one up, .


If you're planning on going to Jamaica and want a couples only resort, we recommend Couples Resorts. Besides being an all-inclusive with your meals, drinks and entertainment included; Couples gives you so much more with added values such as a trip to Dunns River Falls, a glass bottom boat ride, a sunset catamarran cruise and they'll even teach you how to speak like a Jamaican, mon. There is so much more. Click on the logo and go to their website for more details or call us. We'd be happy to tell you about them.